Greatest Soccer Stars

Greatest Soccer Stars

Famous soccer moves ideally lead to an objective as well as a victory, but on another level they are their own reward, being beautiful when they demonstrate that a gifted player has figured a way to fool a defender. Brazil’s Pele, for example, might be recalled over anything else for a famous move captured in a 1968 photograph. They have done a bicycle kick, defying gravity and back floating as if on a magic carpet, with leg straight up in the air in a game versus Belgium that was held in Rio de Janeiro.

Pele 1970

In a World Cup match against Uruguay, Pele had another moment of inspiration. A Brazilian teammate brought the ball across midfield and Pele streaked in from the right. In an astonishing fake, which FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, calls “the greatest feint in history,” Pele ran in on the ball as it came to the sliding feet of the goalkeeper. Without touching the ball, they faked as though they would collect the ball together with his feet, but they didn’t touch it and juked his body to left of the keeper. The lunging keeper went for Pele’s feet, but the ball rolled around his other side. Pele ran right by the keeper, accelerating to collect the still-rolling ball. Alone with the objective, they made the largest miss of his career. Still, Brazil won 3-1, as Pele passed to Rivelino for the third objective.

Zidane 2006

In perhaps the most unlikely successful move of the, famed Italian midfielder Zinedine Zidane battled at the 2006 World Cup for control against a close double team by Brazilian defenders that turned in to a triple team. The ball at Zidane’s feet Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG appeared contained by a forest of blue-socked Brazilian legs in solid defensive stances. Zidane shielded the ball together with his body and dragged the ball back while smothered by defenders. In a succession of steps, they rotated his right leg around the ball, cut the ball out wide with the outside of his left foot and made his way in to the clear, galloping past another stunned defender.

Drogba 2010

Didier Drogba was a blur of the Ivory Coast’s colors of green, orange & white, hair flying in the self-created breeze as they accelerated off the inside of his right foot in a World Cup match versus North Korea. They gracefully slowed down to keep the ball from crossing the aim line, stopping it with the sole of his orange & silver soccer cleats, shielding it together with his left leg & looking up for his teammates in the box. A second North Korean came in to apply a double team, with the taller Drogba looking over them Sbobet. They shielded the ball using his arm & body as the opponents futilely looked to strip the ball. They tapped the ball on the goal-line side of defender & accelerated between the of them, breaking through their restraining arms to bring the ball in for a pass to the penalty area; alas, his teammates didn’t arrive in time to slot the ball home.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2010

In a match pitting Portugal versus the Ivory Coast, Cristiano Ronaldo received the ball in the attacking third, controlling the ball together with his right foot together with his back to the aim. They turned to the aim & feigned taking a shot. After back heeling the ball together with his left foot, they accelerated & dribbled with the top of his shoes forward in to a clear lane not closed down by the nearest defenders. Ronaldo smashed the ball with the instep of his right foot, toes pointing to the ground to add an arcing trajectory. The cracking shot ricocheted with great force off the left goalpost but landed wide of aim.